****IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF MEDICAL RECORDS PLEASE EMAIL healingchoicesvet@gmail.com.  We cannot be contacted via phone nor fax at this time and the new clinic Dr Mantler is practicing at below DOES NOT have any records or information on Healing Choices patients so please email your request ONLY ***

UPDATE August 1, 2015:
If you are still searching for another vet for your companion animal, we recommend the following:

The closest veterinary clinic that offers alternative treatments and homeopathy is Vancouver Animal Wellness located on 105 E Broadway. Acupuncture and alternatives also provided by Dr Wilkie at Ambleside Vet at 1455 Marine Drive West Vancouver, BC, or contact Dr Richard Calland an holistic vet that provides house call services (604)565-7217

LETTER OF CLINIC CLOSURE sent August 1, 2015 via email

Healing Choices Veterinary Clinic 
580 SE Marine Dr, 
Vancouver, BC V5X 2T4  

July 31, 2015 

Dearest Clients, 

It is with much sadness that I have to advise you and your wonderful animal companions that Healing Choices Veterinary Clinic will be closing down at its current location as of August 1st 2015.  It came to our attention in the last 2 days that the practice we share the building with has sold, and as a result the lease for our clinic will not be continued.  We understand that this is very very short notice and I am sure you can imagine that we are as surprised as you are about the entire situation, but however hard I tried there were many complicating circumstances and it was just not possible to continue the practice at the current location. 

I would like to personally assure you that we will do all that is within our power to ensure your animal friends receive the continuity of care that they require while we are going through this transition.  While I cannot provide any clear picture of how things will look in the future for Healing Choices Veterinary Clinic at this time, I have been assured by our software company that your medical records and treatment information shall remain accessible (via contacting us at healingchoicesvet@gmail.com) and we are more than happy to forward these records to you personally via email, or send them to another clinic of your choice.   

In the immediate future, should your animal require any veterinary care, I must make it clear that I will not be able to physically see you, and you should seek treatment at another clinic.  Until such time I have relocated I will not be available to do phone and or email consultations for follow up care, at this point any veterinary care that requires a physical exam will have to be taken to another veterinary clinic.  I urge you to seek out an holistic clinic, as this will give you the best chance to continue the holistic care that Healing Choices Veterinary Clinic did provide, and this will also allow for easy conversation between myself and the veterinarian about your animal friend. 

The best way to contact us should you have any concerns or require medical records from Aug 1st forward will be via email at healingchoicesvet@gmail.com. 

We would like to thank you for your continued support over the last 2 years, and to send you our utmost gratitude for sharing your lives and your beloved animals lives with us.  It was truly an honor to meet all of you, and provide your precious animals with my style of holistic veterinary care. 

And again I am deeply saddened that we are in a position such as this, and we hope that you understand it was beyond our control, but we will do all that we can to be sure that your animals care is not adversely affected by our situation. 


Dr Julianne Mantler and Adelaide McKenna 

UPDATE - October 10, 2015

Dr. Mantler is pleased to announce that she is once again providing holistic veterinary services!!!  

Starting October 15th, she will be practicing as a consultant out of Harbourview Animal Hospital, a beautiful new small animal veterinary hospital in North Vancouver located at:

Harbourview Animal Hospital 

140-700 Marine Dr.

North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H3


Dr. Mantler will be providing holistic veterinary consults, homeopathic/naturopathic veterinary consults as well as chiropractic services at this location.  At this time Dr. Mantler is available at this location on Tuesdays only, appointments can be made by calling the hospital directly at 604-770-4557.  Dr. Mantler is excited to be working with Dr. Lahey and her staff at this beautiful new facility.  She looks forward to continuing care with her current patients, and of course new patients are always welcome.

For more information please contact Dr Mantler directly on healingchoicesvet@gmail.com

For chiropractic services please contact agileanimalsvet@gmail.com and keep checking back for our new website: AgileAnimals.com